Thursday, 17 March 2011

Feedback for final production

1) Camerawork

Point of view was effective.
Variety of shots was effective.
Close ups added intrigue.

2) Sound

Heartbeat added tension and suspense.
Diegetic sound, running, and a catchy soundtrack.

3) mise-en-scene

Restricted view of characters adds to thriller effect.
Made use of forest, thrillery.
Lighting was dark and tinted

4) Editing

Colour correction
Fade at the beginning
The title screen is very good.

5) Constructive critisism

Shot duration of the red room needs to be longer.
Repetitive use of camera angles.
The last static shot had no text.
Turn down the sound.
A more subtle use of colour correction needed.

6) Most effective element of the project

Sound added atmosphere
Point of view shots.

Final Cut - The Watching

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Analysis of opening sequence (Se7en)


Se7en (1995) is a crime drama mystery film, so it is not the same genre as  our film. However, there are many similarities between our psychological thriller and this crime film.

the camerawork in this opening sequence helps to develop the genre. the shots are often of a long duration which causes the audience to feel the strangeness of the scenes involved.  when the shots arent slow and long they are very fast paced, which confuses the audience. a very large amount of the camera angles are extreme close-ups, this engages the attention and also makes you feel like you are watching something that you should not be watching.


There are a lot of jump cuts, which add to the tension as they are very sudden changes, it makes the audience feel wary. when the titles appear there are flashes of light in which you can see an unclear picture. the titles also seem to shake which add to the strangeness. as well as this there are repeats of some of the credits which flash across. there is the occasional effect in which the subject of the picture seems to be blurring as it moves, i think this makes it seem as though the subject is moving faster but when you pay attention to it it is going at an ordinar pace. there are also alarming squiggles which appear and disappear very quickly.

mise en scene
the sequence contains scrapbook making, including needles, photographs, a book, the fingers working away creating a scrapbook, the shadow of the person. also when you can see the writing you can read stuff about pregnancy and transsexuals which combined with everything else causes these subjects to seem very creepy, especially as the character involved is crossing out soe words with a marker pen


The sound in the Se7en opening is mostly non-diegetic music. The music is highly distorted, like the camerawork. This adds to the sensew of uncertainty and tension. The music fits the images shown well, with the credits.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Picture 1
Picture 2

Picture 4
Picture 3

What we needed to change.

After getting the feedback from Amar it made us understand that our ending to our project was not succesful and left the ending dead. Rather then leaving it open, so the audience would want to watch the rest of the thriller. So therefore we had to change the overall ideas of our storyboard, that we had originally planned. Maybe in the future we should really think about the ending because from this we have learnt that it plays a big part in the whole project.

In alot of professional thrillers the end of a titale sequence often ends with some kind of text, usually ''based on a true story'' or the production name, also the title of the while thriller. So we decided to add the title name at the end, making it more eye catching and making the audience more aware. Alot of proffesional thriller often put the title over the top of one of the clips however we wanted the title to be really prominant to the audience by making the background completely plain.

Music in Pshycological thrillers.

We looked at other professional pshycologica thriller sounds (within a title seuquence)
and we found that looking at 'Catch me if you can' we realised this is what we wanted our thriller to be most like.
In the title sequence it has running, much like our thriller, this is why we looked into the sounds to try and get an idea of the perfect ''chase'' music.
Its really upbeat, and fast paced, emphasising the fact the character is on a run or in our project running away form ''something'. The sounds are not happy, but non diegetic and fast, making it jumpy but keeping in the mind of a pshycological thriller.

Things we need to do.

  • Create a sounds on garage band.
  • Add sounds to seuquence
  • Create a name for our thriller
  • Add name of thriller to the end of our title sequence
  • Add more transitions making it flow (continuity)
  • Rearrange order of some of the clips
  • Maybe add in a logo
  • Add movement to the text at the beginning of sequence.
  • Lighten some of our clips.
  • Upload more feedback, and what we have done.